Less is More : The year of the Pandemic

The fashion industry is famed for creating moments out of moods and an unending series of trends that are transient. With the pandemic surging through its 10th month, fashion has a lot to rethink, rewire and restructure. Buying into the new and the exotic has always been short-lived, so have trends based on seasons and the resultant dogma of buying cheaper, buying more and buying often. While we all rethink our lifestyles and prioritise health check-ups, sanitisations, savings and creating a routine centred around mental health and emotional balance, shopping and fast fashion should be viewed in a whole new light....

Rewiring Fashion – Op Ed

In a world reshaped by globalization, a constant battle with environmental adversaries, rampage for inclusive and the evident challenges posed by the COVID 19 pandemic, fashion has never been in a more dire state than it is today. While we all may have an aversion to cynicism, news that declare doom, and have exhausted our threshold to the consistent barrage of unhelpful pessimism, the need to rewire our industry at a global level outsizes any other objective this year. Going season-less, reusing merchandise from past collections, adapting sustainable techniques, Eco-friendly fabrics and staging events and fashion weeks outside of the...

Haute Beirut: Lebanon and Fashion

A popular local legend says that Beirut was destroyed seven times. And seven times it was rebuilt. In the 1960s, the city was known for its vibrant social scene, attracting artists and glamorous jet-setters from across the globe, this changed in the 80’s as the country was fraught by unrest and a long drawn civil war. Nestled at the Mediterranean Sea and fringed by dramatic mountains, the city, with its cosmopolitan-leaning and intellectual lifestyle, has always been the epicenter of fashion and a key player in the global couture arena. Lebanese haute couturiers routinely showcase their avant garde designs...

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