Darzah is a non-profit, ethical fashion brand creating authentic, handmade Palestinian products. The embroidery style, tatreez, is a traditional art form passed down through centuries of women. Their goal is to bring tatreez apparel and décor to the world in order to celebrate and preserve Palestinian heritage.

As a Fair Trade certified brand, they are committed to providing our employees fair working wages and conditions. Their artisans are women from the West Bank who have historically endured marginalization in the form of low-income, gender inequality, and lack of economic opportunities. Darzah’s mission is to economically empower these women by providing job opportunities, training, and a fair income.

Their products are 100% handmade in Palestine. They collaborate with skilled shoe and bag makers in Al-Khalil/Hebron to design the products, their artisans hand-embroider each piece with a beautiful tatreez motif. All of the leather is locally sourced from a family-run leather manufacturer in the Al-Khalil region.

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