Misahara wasn't created to make fancy trinkets or accessories, but instead to ask people a simple question - How does YOUR jewelry make YOU feel? Jewelry has always been about more than flash and style. We see it as a way of expressing a profoundly personal, human understanding that changes from person to person. Nostalgia, heritage, personality, self - Jewelry is more about articulating who you are than broadcasting wealth or status.

Founder and designer, Lepa Galeb-Roskopp, not only speaks to this creative viewpoint, but honors the things she knows are most meaningful to people today. Her dynamic designs infuse elements of personal style and nuance, often sourced from her world travels and international influences. Lepa established Misahara in 2013 after years of redesigning jewelry that her husband had gifted to her. While she loved the heartfelt intention behind these gifts, she was always a bit dismayed at how impersonal the pieces felt. After discovering her talent for re-imagining jewelry to tell a personal story, her husband eventually encouraged her to start her own jewelry line and share her creative perspective with the world.

Today, we're here to help you express and articulate yourself through accessible, high-end jewelry that reflects whoever you are in any moment.

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