Born in 2021 in the heritage city of Calcutta, White Haathi Designs was envisioned to amalgamate heritage jewelry, luxury, minimalism and timeless fashion. White Haathi or White Elephant symbolizes strength, good luck, positivity and protection - our brand represents the heart and soul in all of the above in the form of raw, meaningful emotions, individuality and our rich culture. Love for design, hunger to revive, promote and empower local craftsmanship and the desire to create a medium of expression through art led to our founder, Sakshi Agarwala curating a dainty, yet bold capsule of luxe, silver jewelry in the form of White Haathi. Hailing from a city that’s culturally rich and filled with artisans who lack sustainable income, Sakshi is a firm believer in the power of embracing one’s individuality and wanted to create something that talks the language of love, rekindles the love for heritage jewelry while being versatile and having an everyday, classy appeal. Our jewelry pieces are made with 92.5 sterling silver, designed mindfully with symbolism and qualities like chemical-free, tarnish-resistant, and nickel-free. These attributes make them a perfect fit for every skin type and preference. As a 100% plastic neutral brand, not only do we promise absolute transparency in who we are and what we do, we also believe in educating our customers about where we create our jewelry, what we stand for and help them take great care of their timeless design. Crafted to speak directly to the contemporary, modern Indian while making them feel content, inspired and effortlessly beautiful, our silver jewelry is also a token of culturally rich designs and age-old sentiments. An ode to the local art of our country, the many artisans who breathe life into our pieces, and the deep-rooted meaning behind our jewelry, White Haathi encourages you to own your imperfections, your visions, your voice, your style, and everything that you are and will be.

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